About HVA Snow Friends

Bromley Council Gritters cover 40% of roads

There are almost 500 miles of roadways in Bromley; currently when snow falls Bromley Council treats about 200 miles (40% of total), with Transport for London (TfL) covering Red Routes A21 and A232, leaving around 300 miles of road (and pavements) untreated - which is where Snow Friends come in.
Check to see if your road is treated by viewing this map
Some research has been done into the legal implications - you can't be sued for "for negligent behaviour" in the act of clearing snow (with certain provisos of course).

Hayes Village Association is a community member of Bromley Council's Snow Friends

In 2010 Bromley Council introduced the idea of Snow Friends, where local residents registered and were given a snow shovel with a bag of salt/grit to clear their locality, which worked quite well, although this additional level of snow treatment in Bromley was not as high as it could have been. Then in 2011 they looked to community groups, like the Hayes Village Association (HVA), to help increase the coverage of urban roads and pavements, especially where elderly residents live. A Snow Friends Conference was held on 15/6/2011, with another on 14/9/2011, to gauge interest from residents associations and other groups not yet contacted, such as scouts, senior school students etc, and the HVA joined at that point.
NB You do not have to be a member of HVA to join HVA Snow Friends

I am the main point of contact for HVA Snow Friends with Bromley Council, and forward all emails about upcoming weather issues to members as they arrive.

Many thanks,
Kate Head
HVA Snow Friends Co-ordinator
(07775 943407 / email HVA Snow Friends)